For Frihed demonstration – 23. januar 2016

For Frihed havde den 23. januar 2016 inviteret 3 af folkene bag Pegida UK til Danmark, for at gå med i den månedlige For Frihed demonstration.

Invitation på Facebook:

You are hereby invited to join us in our first Pegida – For Frihed (For Freedom) demonstration of 2016. Our speakers will be nothing less than the new leadership group of PEGIDA UK, Paul Weston, Tommy Robinson and Anne Marie Waters. They are travelling Europe with the purpose of promoting cooperation and cohesion between the various groups in the different European countries. The aim is to be a strong voice for everyone who is concerned about freedom of speech and democracy, and who is worried about the current inundation of our secular societies by Islamic culture and violence.

Please note that this, as always, is a peaceful demonstration. We do not accept racism, Nazism/fascism or any other form of extremism. No alcohol allowed at our demonstrations and no face masks permitted.

On a practical note: You are welcome to bring appropriate flags, banners and posters, though we will bring some along as well.

Join us – Together we stand strong


Tania Groth taler på Axeltorv

Tommy Robinson taler på Axeltorv

Billede fra Axeltorv med et af For Friheds “Støt Israel” skilte.

For Frihed demonstrationen på Vesterbrogade

For Frihed demonstrationen på Gammel Kongevej

For Frihed demonstrationen på Axeltorv hvor de 3 inviterede talere holdt deres tale.


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